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Sep 1, 2006
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Im have the contraceptive implant, and I used to bleed for 2 weeks then stop for 2 weeks, then bleed for 2 weeks ect. I havent bled atall for about 2 months. Iv had a bad back since having Ella but recently its been constantly aching, Iv had fatigue and dizzyness, so I tested but it was negative! dooh! I am pleased though not ready for anotherone yet!#

I think (fingers crossed) that I wont bleed anymore, the doc did say it takes about 6 months for it to settle down (the implant) Has anyone else had experience like this with the implant?

didnt know where to post this sorry!
My best mate has bled lots since she had hers in which is about 5 months now! If shes not got her normal AF shes spotting! She hates it - She went back about it an they said give it the full 6 months - Think shes close to having it checked out again soon but shes still the same!

That would drive me up the wall! :shock:
It didnt really bother me becuase when I bled for 2 weeks it was really really light spotting, I never had a full blown period, now it seems to have stopped altogether. hopefully!

The same with my sister too, she hasnt bled for ages either andw e had it put in around the same time, Id definatly tell your friend to hang on and see what happens
Shes defo close to 6 months but I think shes had quite a bit of medium to heavy bleeding rather than spotting.

Doesn't seem to have taken it too well & feels very lightheaded, sick & headaches.
I had spotting for 6 months then regular periods for 2 3/4 years. Then for the last 3 moths everything went haywire. Bleeding for up to 3 weeks ata time. The doc said it was a reminder that it needed to be removed.

This was much better than the depo injection though! I was on it for four years with no periods and then it took 2 1/2 years until I had any periods after that. It was a very stressfull time as I didn't know if everything would return to normal and I wanted to start a family.


im getting mine fitted next thursday and the woman said that bcos im breastfeeding i shouldnt really bleed!!! YEAY!!!!!!!
hi i had my baby boy 8 and 1/2 mths ago i had no bleeding at all untill today i went to the loo and noticed i was bleeding a little which is weired as if im on my normal period i am usually doubled up in pain
I hope it all settles down for you all, sounds more hassle than it's worth to me......... :hugs: xx
Have you tested hun?
Sorry if cheeky, but have you been using protection??

Hope you're ok

babae it well settle down when things calm down you have been a busy bee lately i would love u to have another so i can be an aunty again i can say that coz i dont have to do sleepless nights heheheh :lol:

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