have I ovulated early?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Trixiebell, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I normally have a 30 day cycle and usually ovulated 2 week before af is due. This time af arrived 3 days early was really heavy for a couple of days, clotted quite a lot. Normally I have extremely painful periods and this one was the easiest one I've ever had. About CD3 af was near enough non existant since then with just what I can only describe as very light spotting. I'm currently on CD11N yesterday I was experiencing lots of clear shiny cm and today I felt a gushing feeling a lot and felt very wet -sorry tmi. When I checked there was lots and I mean lots of thick ewcm. Have I ovulated this early? Re the clotting - I had a blood test to check for clotting the day af arrived results came back fri as normal :) any idea what is going on and is it possible to ovulate so soon after af?
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    If your last AF was 3 days early, that suggests that last cycle you ovulated 3 days earlier than usual. The time from ovulation until AF starts (luteal phase) is usually the same every cycle, it's the day of ovulation that can change.
    If you ovulated early last cycle, it's likely you could be doing again. It sounds to me like you are in your fertile window, so about to ovulate or have already ovulated.

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