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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Tweetz, May 20, 2019.

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    So I received a letter about health visitor coming to the house to see us before baby is due il be about 36 weeks... No issue at all but we are having the plastering done in our living room and due to have one kitchen wall plastered... It looks a bit of a sorry state and I'm worried what she might think is this an issue do you think as I don't really know where to sit her... The garden is lovely so maybe outside?
    Do they care about stuff like this or am I been silly
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    It will be fine hun, health visitors dont judge (unless they see immediate danger) she wont judge your home improvements at all! I'm the same as you I'm always worrying what people thinks of my house as I'm so house proud, so if we have work done and my things aren't in their place I feel like I get judged lol!

    By all means if the weather is nice sit outside! But dont feel like you have to!

    I've never had a health visitor come before the baby is born, but I know some other girls in my area who has. When I had my son, my daughter was 2 and a half, she turned up while I was sat feeding baby in my pjs at 3 in the afternoon, toys and stuff everywhere, washing on my table ready to be out away and my daughter was in the middle of being potty trained, as she turned up my daughter ran into her potty (while bottom half naked) and tipped pee everywhere!!!

    I had to apologise to the health visitor and I felt so rubbish! But she laughed and said now this is a realistic home with a newborn and a toddler and she loved it! She also couldnt resist pinching a few cuddles of my son while I cleaned up the wee and a few toys and put my washing away.

    So... I dont think she will judge on your home improvements hon ;)
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    I had my appointment a few weeks back and we had just finished decorating so was a bit messy , HV wasn’t bothered at all. Just said Better now than when baby is born !

    Your making home improvements how can they see that as a bad thing ! I Would just tidy around as much as you can if you feel the need. I’m sure she won’t judge you at all ! We all just worry about people visiting our homes especially HVs ! x

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