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May 14, 2008
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Has anyone had their heating on yet? Iv had to put mine on just now coz there is a real chill in the air, anyone else?
I tried to get mine on but the boilers on the blink. Typical!! Waiting for the plumber to get back in touch.
Yep...us too! We put it on last night 'cos it was so cold!

First fire in the woodstove last night. Went down to a chilling 2 degrees celcious the other night. Brrr! We've already had frost.
Yep ours went on this week. We've got the thermostat low to keep it off as much as possible but the bathroom radiator is hot whenever the water is on so that room is nice and toasty now!
We had ours on all last night. It was icy cold!

It's nice & warm now. :)
Yep coulple of nights now and just before !! Bloody freezing, doesn't help that my house is what you call energy efficient!! Bloody drafts everywhere !! Expensive winter me is thinking x
mine has been on for a while now. It is so bloody cold at the minute, you'd think it was winter!!
Had mine on for a couple of days as well. And been and bought some fab furry slippers to keep my feet warm!!!! :rofl:

Kaci - mine's an energy efficient house too, and I'm sitting here in a bloody draft!! The downstairs is like toast, but all the bedrooms are freezing! :dohh:
I like it when we have the years first cold snap... Reminds me how close Christmas is!
I've had mine on but keep givin it 30mins blasts coz i cant afford to keep it on 24/7 and none of our radiators have thermostats on them
Had mine on since 3pm!! And im staying in tomorrow too so will prob have it on all day
We put it on now and then to dry the clothes.. glad I have my hot water bottle though :D
def!! I have mine on very low all the time thro the winter till april never turn iit off
Ive got mine on at the min. I dont have a thermostat tho so bills will be through the roof. Keep having to turn it off and on
Am the same as you sparkswillfly.

Got mine on mine though as i just had a bath mmmm
Ours is on a timer, 30 mins in the morning and 1h in the evening - I've just turned the temp up to 20 ish (little dial thing on the wall) its been at about 12 over the summer - we have to have it on for a time each day as it does the hot water etc.
I'm not looking forward to this winter as even turning it up has shot the cost up - got knows what its going to go up to now its on 20 plus and going to be on 4 hours a day plus as it gets colder :dohh:
I might just put on an extra pair of socks and a jumper and live in the cold! Its tempting. Gas bills terrify me.

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