help me figure out whats wrong with LO

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by PepsiChic, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Ok ladies i need to know what you think is up with Barry recently. let me explain..

    he normally self settles to sleep between 7 and 8pm, he normally wakes at about 5:30am has a bottle and goes back to sleep till about 7am. sometimes he doesnt wake at 5:30am for a bottle and instead wakes at 6am and doesnt go back to sleep.

    the last few days hes been waking 3 times a night, he wakes very early in the morning around about 1-2am ish, he'll generally be miserable and grumpy and after about an hour of me calming him down and some teething gel/pain relief, he'll go back to sleep. he then wakes at 3ish and wont go back to sleep without a bottle and again it takes about an hour. and then he wakes at 5:30am wants another bottle and wants to start the day.

    now other things are - ive tried offering water and he furiously chews on the bottle teat, hes been drooling a lot lately which leads me to suspect teething,but i had a look and feel and i cant seem to find anything in his mouth (he already has 8 teeth at front 4 top and 4 bottom) Ive given him teething gel and also pain relief medicine and this does seem to help.

    hes more grumpy during the day too, i dont know if thats because hes not getting enough sleep now, (he only naps once a day refuses to go down again) because of the night wakings. or if its teething or something else.

    hes been gassy, not sure why his diet hasnt changed, and he hasnt been sick. his poop is a tad more soft then normal but no change in colour.

    he also hasnt had a temperature increase or decrease.

    I was thinking it was teething, but hes suddenly increase his feeds so then i thought growth spurt? but then he doesnt want to sleep sleep regression?!

    surely he cant be having it all at once :dohh: so what do you ladies think? which one would you be more inclined to say he might be suffering from?

    thanks in advance for reading this!

    edit to add: he has 2 bottles a day, he dropped his others, and he naps once a day because last month he dropped the second nap.
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    My daughter has weeks like this and i can only think it is teething - i.e the pain wakes her at night and she feeds purely for comfort. I can only suggest you keep on as you are, it ounds like you are doing a great job and he will coem through it eventually. I'll be watching to see if anyone has any advice on this one....

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    Poor little poppet - things always seem to come along together xx

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