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Help me Im scared!


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Nov 8, 2006
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Just took an upto date bump pic, and well you know how I said I feel ill and huge and I cant believe how I could physically get any bigger.

Well here is my bump today

Here is my bump at the same stage of pregnancy last time

Im Sooooo much bigger this time, here is a pic of me full term last time

Which I still look bigger than now. Last time I had a 9lb 7oz'er that did damage, and this one seems huge, Im getting really worried now :(
Don't panic hun, It does look a similar size but if you had taken a side on view of me each time I would have looked bigger second time because I was all out front. Frankie was only 7lb 2oz. Jonny was 9lb 2 oz
Don't panic hun, It does look a similar size but if you had taken a side on view of me each time I would have looked bigger second time because I was all out front. Frankie was only 7lb 2oz. Jonny was 9lb 2 oz

Thing is with both pregnancies I have been all out front! Plus I am really feeling this one under my ribs so I cant even sit properly without a lot of pain to my ribs which Inever had before. Looks like I might opt for that growth scan after all. Last time with Noah bing big and back to back he dislodged my tailbone so Iwas signed off work for 6 months, unable to sit down properly.
Cat first of all .... CALM DOWN!!! lol

It's not that much bigger hun ... and you might find your carrying alot of fluid!
Try not to panic and tell your MW next time you see her your concerned and explain why.
Im sure everything will be fine ... just try to relax and not panic!!
Don't forget that also after your first your muscles have already been stretched once, so they are more slack the next time so that could have a little to do with it to babe! Try not to panic! x
its a lovely bump :)

but please dont worry about the size, did you see my 34 week bump with Harley? i was mesuring 42 weeks and he was only 6lbO:)

it was all fluid not baby
hi cat do you know what your having ?? it could be a girl but dont worry as it could be more water your carrying not all baby good luck

spunky xx
Im having another boy. Iknow it may be something like fluid or just my muscles being different, its just after the problems I suffered last time Im very aware of having another big baby that might cause even more damage. I was offered a growth scan for this one, but I sort of prefered the idea of being in the dark about it, because if its a big baby I really dont want to go for a section as Im not allowed an epi, and Iwould have to have a general anesthetic and Ireally dont want to be knocked out and miss the birth.
I wondered about the possibility of gestational diabeties even, as I have some family history of diabeties, and I have been having some of the classic symptoms, and it often goes undetected on urine tests (not that I have had one of those in 3 months) Dont know whats the best thing to do, just ignor it and carry on, or get a growth scan (which might only worry me more) or what?
Cat, on ethan (my second prengancy) i got huge! and i mean huge! it was so uncomfy, i mesured my bump (round ways, not lengh) ad i got to 60 inches round before i dropped!! and back then i was a size 14, so it wasnt like i was big before hand or anything.

The hospital had me in for growth scans and they said i was having a big baby and that i had hardly any fluid, turns out, he was 7lbs 7oz and i had pints and pints of fluid in me which was making me big.

I really wouldnt worry to much about it hun, im sure everthing is fine.

So even with a growth scan is it still a bit of a guestimate on size? I thought they would be really acurate cause they can measure head circumfrence and length etc.
It is an average size they give you babe from 4 or 5 measurements they take......so not exact at all.
they were very wrong on Ethan with my growth scan, but on Coby i had a few and they were right.

Layla, can I be nosey and ask how come you had growth scans with your pregnancies?
on Ethan it was because i grew so big so quick

on Coby it was a few things, i kept getting sugar in my urine, diabeaties test came back clear but i was still getting big, plus coz Jase is so tall (6'6) and he was heavy born, plus i kep messureing big when the midwife checked me.

Well Ispoke to my mum on the phone tonight, and she has really reasured me not!!!

She is urging me to have a section under general anestetic as she is worried about me damaging my tail bone again, and possibly doing permanent damage (my gran has a dislodged tailbone and he to have regular injections to numb it).

Reason being is that she is one of three kids, all of which weighed between 10 and 13lb when born, and not only that aparently both my dad and his brother weighed over 12lb when they were born, so I seem destined to have giant babies!!!
The only thing you can do hun is have a talk with the consultant and tell him your worries ... I would persoanlly!

i see mine tomorrow and he induced me with maddie and shall be having words with him about this one ... voice your fears and your opinions!!

Try not to worry to much chick ...
hun have u had a gtt? the test for diabeties? sp?
hun have u had a gtt? the test for diabeties? sp?

I havent no, but its something I will mention at my next appointment.

The problem I have is the midwife I saw last time was anable to do anything for me cause Ihave moved house but Im staying with the same hospital (i.e. not the nearest one to where I now live) she was unable to do anything for me about scans and physio for my hips, she just said how she didnt know who to speak to at my hospital or how to do referals, and just went on and on about how I should change hospital, when I really dont want to.
i wud def mention it hun.... there is a history of diateites in my famly and im due to go for one in april

dont be forced into changing hun just make her sort sumthing out for u thats what shes there for
Yeah Ihave another midwife appointment in just over a week, so Iwill talk to the mdwife then, and if she is useless then I will phone my hospital derect and ask them.

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