How do you eat Pringles


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Dec 21, 2006
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Do you nibble bits off them? Eat them whole? 2 or even 3 at a time??? Or crush them into little bits and pour them in!!!

I eat 2 at a time - whole. Just open wide and shove 'em in!!!!:rofl:

Just had a little box of sour cream and onion - yum!
Salt and vinegar ones I lick off the flavour & scoff the crisp!

Open wide and shove em in :rofl:

Only one at a time though!!
one at a time whole, funnt you mention. I just got a tube out of the cupboard lol
One at a time whole ...

But if it chive n sour cream i lick off flavour first then munch whole lmfao!!

Im a nibbler.........OH rams 3 or 4 in at a time!
I just shovel them in one at a time lol.

it depends on my mood! sometimes i lick, sometimes i nibble and sometimes i just ram them in!
Eat them whole, suck the salt off and then chew and swallow...sounds so graphic lol
hmmmm i dunno lol!!!! ill tell ya wen i next eat em haha
I only eat salt and vinegar, and i lick thesalt and vinegar off and eat the crisp until i feel sick...then i just lick the flavour off and bin the crisp...

yes i am a weirdo
Have to love the licking bit though don't ya :rofl: I hate it when you get a pack thats not very lickable :rofl:
I LOVE when you get to the bottom and you get all the little broken bits and LOADS of flavour .... mmmmmmm


I'm a lick and shove girl myself :)
and usually the whole tube!!!
Wow! I'm amazed at how many fellow lickers there are. I thought it was a taboo subject! :rofl:
I bought a tub of salt n vinegar pringles to see me through the day today...sooooooo yummy...

speaking of very lickable ones Wobs....Florida!!!It's like a thick coating of salt and's amazing!Never seen anything like it.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm clogged arteriiiiiiiiiies

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