Hypermesis anyone?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Angelkissiz, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I am so sick,I have already lost 30 pounds, I can't keep down food or water, I have been hospitalized once and I am barely pregnant. Is there anyone out there, with any advice? I Have 2 other babies, and I was never sick with either of them...
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    I've had very tough time myself in first trimester and was put on IV Fluids once. But in my bad days, I still managed to keep down some water despite not being able to eat.
    Have you tried anti-nausea & vomiting tablets? Such as Metoclopramide, Phenergan (Promethazine), Zofran or anything like that?
    Vitamin B6 helps to relieve N&V too, you may take it on a daily basis because it is a vitamin, so it is safe during pregnancy.
    If you can't drink water, try to sip on ice popsicles, some people find it very useful. Some of my friends took Ribena water to rehydrate themselves. I don't find ginger in any form helping (tea, ale, sweet...), however, it may work for you.
    Seasick band is worth a try. It worked for me, although not all the time.
    I found Manuka honey is very soothing for my heartburn. I have very serious acid reflux problems and I am on medicine probably for the remainder of this pregnancy.
    I personally don't find any food appealing for me, but semi-solid food is better ingested than solid food, if you need something plain and odourless, go for crackers, nuts. Stay away from anything that makes u sick, including cooking, cleaning the house and etc.
    I was bedbound for almost 6 weeks. Do get as much bedrest as you can afford.
    you need medical attention if it doesn't get better. Sorry not being able of much help.
    You have my best wishes and I hope it will ease off for you soon.

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