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i guess its time..


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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to face facts..

chloes 2 soon :( :cry:

i want my baby girl back!!!:hissy:

dunno wot 2 get her im so disorganised!!

and what kind of party do u have 4 a 2 year old:dohh:
Does she like barbie and dressing up or a particular TV caracter??

If so then theme the party around that .... Meghan had a disney princess party everyone (including adults) dressed up was great she loved it!

I know what you mean about growing up ... maddie gonna be one in a few months and tbh tis frightening me!

Just enjoy her day by day and smile when you see her grow .... tis all you can do lol!

last month for Diors first bday i got her play house for the garden and a slide and trampeline. but you dont have a garden do you?
i also got Dior loads of paint sets and a box to keep all her pens etc in she loves drawing
no dont have a garden but she has all that at my dads who has a massive garden, ive already got her a load of crayola stuff liek paints,paper pens pencils crayons just not sure wot 2 get her as a main present, is hard 4 a party 2 as my mum and dad cant stand 2 b in the same room together
my mum got Dior a battery powerd car Dior loves it
lol chloes petrified of the hoover and i know how noisy they are 4m my old work, no really got teh room 4 1 either grrrr why are they so hard 2 buy 4|!!!!
how about a rocking horse or something like that? My neice had one for her 2nd birthday and she loves it. You press its ear and it plays music etc. Its great!
am lookin in2 tht 1 trinity!!! cheerz!!
i got her a wee rocking zebra 4m toys r us and a bike :D have also ordered £50 of crayola things *blush* plus a few wee other bits :D
Sounds great Yvanne .. sure she will love it all!!!

(Glad I could help :D)
Dont feel like you have lost your baby girl Yvanne. They are so cute at that age and begin to get their own litle personality. cant wait for my baby to be that age but he/she hasnt been born yet. lol x

How about something musical? my niece loved making a noise at that age and her fav expression later was Whats that noise!
Aww thats sounds fun yvanne !
Jamie will be 2 in August and im stuck as to know what to do !! (i know its a long way off yet though!)

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