I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Discussion in 'Labour & Birth' started by jbell157, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Around 10:30 I started getting lower back aches. Timed three and they were each about 10 minutes apart. So I decided to try and sleep any way because I had to "get up" in 8 hours to get ready for work. Well, the back aches haven't stopped and I started getting strong "ouch!" pains in my lower pelvic area that felt like a wave of period cramps with a sharp sting to them, and then they dissipated. Baby was shifting and moving like crazy but I had three or four that were exactly 5 minutes apart. Coincidence?

    So I've been trying to sleep for the past 4 hours and I feel like every time I drift off my back starts aching and I wake back up. So now I'm up and working at my computer and I feel better, I can feel the back ache lingering but every time I try and go lay down it gets bad again. WTH! I'm getting really pissed off because I'm tired and I just want to go to sleep! Just thought I'd vent because I'm bored and mad! :growlmad:

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