I know I'm crazy but need words of encouragement

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by lolomom, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi guys, so my rational mind tells me that it is still waay too early to test, I got my positive OPK on the 17th, so I figured I o'd on the 18th, which makes me 6dpo today. I caved and tested just now with a super sensitive IC test and it was negative, but then I also used an ovulation predictor test because I had read that they can detect pregnancy as well, and it was completely negative. Could not be more negative. In fact, I really only saw one line on it. I thought that if you were pregnant the second line started to get darker and darker....like you're ovulating again. Do you think this is a really bad sign, or am I just a freak and testing too early?

    This is our 9th month trying, my first month with clomid and one of my good friends just found out she is pregnant...so I'm hoping extra hard for this month but I'm so doubtful that I'll ever see 2 lines on a stick again.

    Whats the earliest I can test do you think? With my son I was positive 9 dpo. I'm going to try and hold out until wednesday before I test again.

    I hate the 2ww!!
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    I think it's just too early still hun... at 6DPO implantation most likely has not even occurred. And until then, there is no way you'd get a pos+ HPT. I would wait till at least 10-12dpo (if you can hold out). You should have a pretty good idea at this point... BUT, it's not over till it's over!!! lol.

    I know the TWW is miserable! This was for sure my worst as it was our first attempt with IUI... but I tested this AM and neg :( I'm still clinging to hope though- ya never know?

    Fingers crossed for ya!!!

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