I'm catholic..SO is northern Ireland protest..help


Apr 9, 2010
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Ok, I'm catholic and my kids from my prior relationship are also baptized catholic. My SO and I recently had a baby and he's peotestant from Northern Ireland. Naturally, I want our LO baptized catholic. I have no problem attending church with his family on occasion, but for baptism, that's not what I want. His family have been very unsupportive and have essentially convinced him to try to talk me into baptizing LO Lutheran. They've said things like he gives in too easily to me (on this deduction), and they're not going to have a catholic in the family, they're even trying to convert my other two children. Am I in the wrong here, wanting our baby to be catholic as well? And my SO "just wants to avoid the headaches" that is his reasoning for wanting to give into his parents and baptize our child Lutheran. Just looking for any advice.
What does he want? Does he care, or does his family, or both? I would maybe consider an interfaith compromise? I wouldn't change the other kids religions- they've been introduced to Gd a certain way, even before you probably started being w your SO. I dunno, are there any local religious clergymen that can help you guys compromise? Catholicism makes more sense to me, but my dad & his fam are Irish Catholic. So I'm slightly biased to be on your side. Haha.
If he's not invested in changing the kids to Lutheran, then have em be Catholic! imho the only people that should be influencing the kids religions should be the parents. None of the grandparents business.
I would consider my boyfriends family though, because religion doesn't matter to me. But if it mattered to me like it seems to matter to you... I would advocate for my beliefs! Put your vote in and make it matter. Idk, you and your SO are all that count when it comes to that.
Coming from Northern Ireland i can see both sides of the coin. If it was me i wudnt get child baptized so therefore isnt either. I know u can get intergrated schools in northern ireland. Not sure where u live. Cam also get non denomination churches that are neither protestant or catholic.

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