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I'm off to a Psychic night tonight!!


Sep 3, 2006
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Soooooooo looking forward to it!!! Not been to one in
about 5yrs! I'm a tad sceptic unless it's true to me :p

I'm not gonna say anything abt being preggers and
'test' them lol!! Will try and hide humongous belly!! :lol:

I've attempted to add a poll here!! Let me know what you think!

(if it works :p )
You havent added an option of neither :lol:

I think its both in a way. there are people out there who can sense the furure and also sense feelings, but there are others that take advantage of it and scam as many as they can.

If you find a good one keep them. there are so many others out there that arn't worth the money spent.
totally agree with you tootsie!

I save money and do it myself lol! Im no expert of course, its more for fun than anything.
I had a reading few years back & loved it!!

I had a reading couple of weeks back - HATED it!

Then I had an online reading & it was FAB :p The person who done my reading does know me & my circumstances but I was very interested anyway & one part of the reading was a BIG :? to me but it came to light within 24 hours :shock:

Good luck I do believe there are good psychics out there an there are some that talk total twaddle!

It is best to stay silent but sometimes knowing something or asking what you are are looking answers to can make the cards read more sense.

I had one afew weeks ago and it was wonderful i ended up in tears :oops:

only thing i din't like was she said i had a baby Aura above me :?
that scared me witless

I had seen her b4 a coouple of years ago and ahe said i would have 3 children, so i thought yeah ok that came true but this time she said i would have 3 earth babies and that my dad was looking after my baby hence the tears

She also told me that in spirit he was called Jamie Micheal, we would have called Matthew John JM=MJ???
i find that kind of freaky

but maybe its just me

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