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In Law Idiots!!!


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Sep 1, 2006
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Seen a nice Little Tikes Twin Slide Outdoor Activity thingy advertised on ebay. Costs £150 to buy, going for £30 (immaculate condition).

Snag is, its in Burton Upon Trent which is 1hour and 20 mins away from Dales mum and dad in Glossop.

Got Dale to phone and ask his Dad to pick it up and said we would pay petrol etc, and he fcukin refused. Me begged that we r saving £100 and he said its too far.

So there was a smaller verion going for £15 in Farnsham (sp) in Lancashire, he said no its too far again.

Checked on the route planner and its 45 mins!! If that!!

I was disgusted, they never do anything for us, but always help out the brothers. I cried, cause i wad going to get it as part of her birthday as I cant afford a brand new one. :cry:

PS I got the country kitchen-its amazing :lol:
Burton Upon Trent is 45 mins from us! How would have got it from them?
We told them that they could bring it the next time they r up, which is the weekend of the 2-2-7 for madams birthday on the 3rd.

That is no way unreasonable, I think its disgusting. They only see Rebecca every couple of months and have done nothing for her or us, and to go a little out their way for us, isnt asking a lot. :roll:
KX, Could you not get a courier to collect and deliver!????
is it pricey im the daddy? :D I wpouldn't know where to start! :oops:

Thanx xxxx
Not sure they would pick it up if its not flat packed into a box!

I realised I had to use DHL to send a box to AG as its Scotland. You could ring them an ask would they! :D
KX I don't know, Wibble posted sommin about couriers.

Will try and find it for you.

Quote Wibble:

Cheapest way to post would be courier I'd imagine!


https://www.parcel2go.com/order_courier_2_3_day.asp £7.99 cheapest!

Use the codeword "greasy" - 10% off total order < Should cover the vat

Courier is cheaper for a lot of items - i sent £400 quids worth of baby clothes fr like £11 an the clothes I sent AG would have been £15 if not more if I'd used post office :D

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