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    I thought I'd share my stories as I have birthed both my children in different ways. My first was an induced labour and my second was a natural.

    With my dd my first baby I went past my due date. Obviously that's always disappointing when you are going through it. The days kept passing. My blood pressure was rising and on day 9 I had signs of pre eclampsia. I remember being sent to the hospital and expected to be sent home until three days time when I was booked to be induced anyway. I felt absolutely shocked when they said they'd keep me in and start me off. They were that busy it took 24 hours to even get Me looked at and started off. They inserted a pessary. I remember the shock of how uncomfortable it was. I didn't realise the pessary went behind the cervix. I was told it often takes hours or days to work and the following night I'd possibly need a drip to kick things off. I went back to the ward planning to sleep. I barely had shut my eyes when I started to shiver. I remember thinking oh no I'm getting ill and pushed the button. I was rushed up to the labour ward and monitored by Dr's and midwives. Then ten minutes after I got up to the ward it stopped. The midwife asked me if I felt a contraction then. I remember saying no. My partner arrived two minutes after they said I could go back to the ward. I apologised to him for wasting his time. But five minutes later the pains kicked in. I was contracting every three minutes. I remember feeling so tense with the pain I hated it. I couldn't sit or stand Comfortably and begged for pain relief after just a few pains. I got on the bed and started puffing the gas and air. It was a blur but it was around midnight by this point. I remember at 2.30 in the morning looking at the clock in between these horrible pains and seeing the time. I remember begging for a epidural but there was nobody available. I remember them forcing me to go for a wee and feeling far to much pain to move but I did it. Then I remember a few people being in the room saying babies heart beat had dropped. They said I was 9cm and baby needed help. They got a suction cup ready and gave me a cut. There was a few people around the bed telling me to push and not breathe the gas and air. They tried to get the cup on my daughters head but they missed first time. With my next contraction I managed to push her out myself and she was placed on me after being checked over. She weighed 7lb 9oz and was born at 6.32am. My labour was around 7 hours In total.I had two stitches and that was all the damage.

    With my son born five weeks ago I expected him to bring early. So I was sad when my due date passed. 4 days after my due date I went to bed late around midnight on the 28th Dec. Id had Braxton hicks and period pains for a couple of weeks so despite the fact they felt abit more regular in the afternoon of the 27th nothing jumped out. 2 hours and abit after I'd gone to bed at 2.40 I woke up feeling abit of period pain. I went for a wee. Felt a tight mild cramp in my back. I had a show without blood. I went back to bed and told my oh I was feeling tiny cramps but they were possibly Braxton hicks. I decided to go warm up in the bath as I couldn't settle at all. At 3.05 after ten mins in the bath and feeling mild tightnings pains I got out. Had a wee and saw abit of blood. I could feel mild contractions so I rung my mum to see if my daughter could go round. She didn't seem convinced so she said ring the midwife. The midwife could tell I was contracting every three minutes but I wasn't breathing through them yet so advised me to stay home until I felt I needed to go in. But to get my daughter to family. So my partner took my daughter. At 3.40 it was hurting so as soon as my partner got back we put our bags in the car and it was time to go. We got to the hospital at 4.36. The drive there was reasonable pain wise. They hurt but I breathed through them and focused on the radio. As we got a few miles away I was pushing my feet to the floor as they were a lot worse but still OK Compared to my first labour. When we got to the car park I contracted and then got out the car thinking I have a couple of minutes to get inside. But the contractions kept coming and the pain suddenly got worse. A midwife saw us struggling and brought a wheelchair. We got into the room at 4.50 and she went to get me a portable gas and air. As soon as I started puffing that familiar drunk feeling passed through me and I remember looking at the midwife in a panic and saying I need to push. She calmly said OK take your trousers off and we will look. I was expecting her to say your only 4cm but she said go with your body. An involuntary push happened and my waters popped. I felt like I couldn't do it. I felt too tired. (it was obviously the transition stage) I snapped at the midwife should I be pushing or not. She said to me the heads right there go with it. A few more minutes of dispair and his head was out. Then a few more pushes and he was born at 5.17am. I still felt pain this time after he was out. I was still on the gas and air until my placenta was out. I remember feeling scared that I'd drop him as I was doped up but she insisted he was fine. I did feel abit sad that I was too busy puffing away still than taking him in. But yes my second labour was around 2 hours and 35 minutes in total.

    If I could choose a labour again I'd definitely go for natural. Alot less intense. To get to hospital fully dilated was definitely proof for me that my daughters labour had been so intense. Just thought I'd share my experiences xx
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    Congratulations on your births! :D

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