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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by amyleigh89, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    Okay, so firstly I must apologise. It seems I have been posting on here loads recently but I need some reasurance... and who better to ask?! Thanks for listening... even if only to keep me sane/give me somewhere to vent.

    So... here goes.

    I have been feeling a little bit tense recently. I sit at work and its like all I can hear is noise. I work in a busy open plan office and it seems like it just gets louder and louder. Usually I can cope with this but just recently I want to scream at everyone to shut the f*ck up. The phone rings and I want to tell the person on the other end to leave me the f*ck alone. Even the sound/feeling of my fingers typing annoys me.

    We have been looking after my OHs 7 year old brother and I have found myself getting worked up and stressed out at home too. It could be because I come from a very quiet family, I am the youngest so I never had lots of noise. I havent yet got the ability to switch off to the noise around me to watch TV/read a book. Its like every noise I heard my brain focuses on... making it hard for me to relax.

    So - I get in from work and ive felt stressed all day. OH has been in about half hour but I come in to find him sat watching TV. I cant come in and sit and watch TV. I have things to do. So I get dinner started, make his little brothers lunch for the next day, make our lunches for the next day and generally flit about tidying up. OH goes to pick brother up. (He stays at school until 6) Dinner has to be ready for the time he gets in because we have about an hour and a half gap before he has to go to bed. We rush dinner, he does his homework and then he wants to play.

    The other night I was sat at the table and again all I could hear was noise. Feet running, 2 TVs on showing different programmes, OH on the phone, knife and fork scraping the plate, tapping fingers, Brother bouncing a ball, hamsters squeaking. And I just felt like I wanted to scream! By the time bro goes to bed I am so knackered we get half an hour of us time and I am ready for bed. I feel like I dont get any unwinding time. I don't know if it is also partly because I normally have a 20 minute drive home... but as we are staying at OHs mums I am really close to work so don't get that unwinding time.

    Is this just hormones making me a crazy b*tch? I know when the baby comes and grows I will learn to block out the noises etc but at the moment I just can't switch off.

    Am I going to be a terrible Mum?:cry:
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    No, not at all. Growing a baby is hard work, your body is under tremendous strain and it's probably just trying to tell you to relax.

    Have you told oh how you feel? Could he help a little more? Maybe just going for a walk each day would help, if not I'd resort to ear plugs and a good book!

    I have a good friend who has 3 children, when she was preg with the 3rd the house was a very noisy place with two other young children. The 3rd baby had been so used to noise whilst in the womb that he slept like a dream and didn't wake at the slightest noise. Keep that in mind, the noise isn't all bad.

    Make sure you get some "me" time, it's so important xx
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    It is hard just to be thrown into playing mom to a 7 year old, most people get to start out with babies. :haha: Have you told your DH how you feel, maybe he could start dinner or pack lunches- to help out. Pregnancy tends to exacerbate all the little annoyances, so that does not help either. :hugs:
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    I think you're tired and need some 'me' time -- also, with so much going on, people are affected by noise in different ways, so perhaps ear plugs, quiet time at home where you can rest a little, etc....

    best wishes

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