Is this the start of STTN?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Jem88, Jun 7, 2011.

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    My LO has never STTN, but she does normally goto bed 7pm, wake around 11pm,2am,4.30am for a feed and then she's up around 6/6.30am. A few weeks ago we stopped at my OH's parents and it was the first time we took our LO since she'd been born, and she slept from 7pm - 5.30am waking only once at 2.30am for a feed, which was great.. but she then hadn't done it again until sun night when she slept 7pm - 5.30am only waking once at 2am for a feed, and i again put it down to being worn out as she'd been with my dad at a christening for the day. BUT lastnight she went to bed at 7pm, but didn't have much of her bedtime bottle so then woke at 11pm, then slept until 3.30am for a feed and then was up for good at 5.30am.. Does this sound like the begining of STTN? :)
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    May 30, 2011
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    There's definitely a good chance! My son started by gradually cutting down on the number of times he woke up per night, but the key word here is gradually! There were even a couple times that he slept through the night completely, but then would wake up again a time or 2 the next night! But eventually those full nights just kept adding up, and he was sleeping through the night all the time!
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    We just started a thread of STTN with some of us moms sharing what works to get our little ones to sleep. It might be helpful if your interested!

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