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Dec 13, 2007
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A crazy, high strung, hormonal, psychotic bitch. For real. I can't even talk to someone without secretly wanting to bite their head off or pitch a fit over something that doesn't even make sense.

I need this baby out so I can be a normal, rational, sane human being again. I mean I thought I was bad at the beginning of my pregnancy. Well now I'm at the point I need to stick a sign on my forehead that says "psycho bitch at work" :rofl:

No wonder no one wants to hang out, I wouldn't want to hang out with me either. Sad part is, I recognize it and I try to be nice, but it doesn't work and I end up being high strung anyway :dohh:.

Seriously way too hormonal for my own good.
At least your friends, family and colleagues can see that you've got a bump and they'll probably understand where its coming from.

Weird comparison, but I found it really helped me when my mum was being a bitch because of menopause if she just said "I'm sorry, I'm really hormonal, I dont mean it, I'm just feeling really frustrated right now" because then I'd stop thinking about what I'd done to upset her.
I'm the same. I'm very snippy and impatient. If someone says something annoying I can't keep it in and have to say something back. Likewise if someone is not entirely interesting I just switch off and sometimes just start talking over them! (Poor DH! :rofl:) It's not very kind but I haven't even patience with myself to try and do anything about it! lol
I'd say the same, but, I can't honestly see being a parent making me "sane"... If anything, I think I'll end up more loopy. lol.
I had that but it went. I couldnt even watch tv without wanting to scream! He he he! All my friends slowly backed off!!
Im just horrble to be around to !!

I feel like screaming at everyone today !!

I've been crying like a complete baby at the drop of a hat for no good reason. sobbing uncontrollably because DH wouldn't let me paint the nursery and had told me to rest instead...figure that!
I have reached this point today I think...my crappy horrible car (which was only £600) has just cost ANOTHER £200 as the clutch has gone. Have already spent out £500 on it in the last 4 months! Arrggghhhh

Nasty clients be ware today, they will get the brunt of my reanult based anger!
He he.I'm the same.I'm a crabby moo as it is but now gee whiz!Even if a cushion is upside down I get all narky and as for not putting the milk on the right shelf in the fridge well bugger me stand back ha ha.My OH has asked his boss can he move in and the kids have suddenly found new friends who they call for reguarly.Oh well looks like the cats are going to be my new targets at least they dont answer back :rofl:
Its funny eh .. you get all cranky in 1st tri, it dies down for 2nd tri and then BAM it hits you again!!

I hate being so cranky, i feel like a right arse afterwards.
I know, I hate it too. As peanutbean said, I haven't even got patience for myself, its no wonder nobody else has patience for me either.

I've developed an incredibly short fuse the last 2 weeks or so. Like last night, I was talking to my friend on msn and he wasn't answering fast enough because he was doing something else at the same time -wham, everything let loose :rofl:

poor bugger. I apologized after but I think it deserves another one again today
It's weird though because since getting pregnant loads of stuff just washes over me that I would've been really stressed about before. In some ways I'm way more relaxed than I was as I used to be a right stress-head, but then stupid little things and I'm screaming the house down, like bumping my thigh on a corner or something and I'm on the verge of hurling things across the room!
I Too Am Very Sensitive At The Min,Or Have Been Since Begginning Of 3rd Tri. I'm Constantly Being Snappy At My Fiance. My Bro's/Sisters. My Dogs. Anybody! I Can't Help Being This Nasty Person I've Turned Into! OH Keeps Arguing With Me Cause I Keep Saying Nasty Things To Him. So I Get Wound Up With Him For Arguing With Me,Ahh Its Just Constant Moodyness! I'm A Bitch...lol. Can't Control Myself Though? I Can't Help But Snap At People. And Then I'm Crying Cause I Can't Stop Being Like This. Hurry Up Baby So I Can Be Myself Again, Purleeez!
At least after the baby comes it'll be stress-induced bitchyness rather than uncontrollable horomonal rages :rofl:
Also, has anyone heard Christina Aguilera's new song "Keeps Getting Better"? The lyrics are fitting, especially this part:

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better

... I've been inhumanely calm I think... I'm becoming very... err... 'Stepford Wife'ish... lovingly preparing my partners lunch for him in the morning and dinner at night... I even bought a dress perfect for the role, its so pretty and like I just stepped out of the 50's!

I did have one emotional moment the other day though, my partner washed my brand new red sheets with my brand new white sheets and they came out pink and blochy... I cried... lots... but... I may have cried anyway... I'd just treated myself to about $500 of new linen and it was destroyed before it ever made it to the bed!

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