Jaydens always hungry

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Sarah_16x, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Ive tried the 2nd stage milk so it gets him more hungry but that dont work. At first i was using SMA 2nd stage one then i went to my health visitor because he had to have his 2nd jabs and to be weighed and i said to him that obviously hes geting hungry after hes had one bottle and that i tried him on rusks put some of his milk with it and ive tried baby rice (it says on the packet 4 months onwards and hes 4 months on saturday) but she says not to try and go till hes at least 20 weeks onwards. So i stopped giving him them and she said try aptamil 2nd stage so i have and it hasent made much difference hes still hungry after a bottle.

    Any advice please??
  2. It could be a growth spurt hun, unfortunately if Jayden wants more there isn't much that can be done! Have you tried him with a couple of oz of water?
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    Hes most likely on his 4 month growth spurt , try to tough it out and feed him as much as he wants it will stop soon enough

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