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Dec 12, 2007
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Hello girls, I hope you are all feeling well (or as well as you can manage :hugs:)

I had a question - I got a faint BFP yesterday and a slightly darker one today. I haven't announced it yet officially b/c it's still early, AF isn't due yet and only was 10DPO yesterday when I got it, today am 11DPO.

My question is, how long did you have faint +'s until you got dark strong positives? The other factor is I also drank a lot of water last night and my pee (sorry TMI) wasn't as yellow as it usually is first thing in the morning, so could that have affected it too?

Thanks ladies :)
Usually darker tests are in the morning with 1st morning pee. So if you got a good light positive without first morning pee that is still good. Normally they are lighter when you do them later in the day and have drank loads. Though I would stay away from testing before AF is due because of chemical pregnancies. Good luck sweety and congrats.
i had really light possitives when i first tested and i was 4 + 3 when i found out! i dnt really think they start 2 get really dark until around the 5 week mark! but janisdkh is right with the morning urine! try not drinkin so much 2night b4 u go 2 bed n do 1 with ur first urine of the mornin! this is more acurate result!

good luck

Hi hun. I had a faint positive at 9DPO and they steadily got darker. Got everything crossed for you. I think that if you have drunk quite a lot it affects the concentration of your pee - so try not to drink too much - although if might be too much to ask! I know it was for me at the beginning - and it hasn't changed!! good luck testing again - keep us posted. xxxx
I am really surprised you got a real dark test though. It is awesome and so reassuring to get one. I do know woman who have high amounts of hormones in their blood early. I was like that with my last daughter though I really think she had a vanishing twin. Everything added up. Larger uterus, dark tests, and high hormones. Got pictures? :D Hugs
I tested at 10dpo, 3 days before AF was due and it took a good week before the tests started getting really dark. Good luck, looks like you'll be joining us officially soon!
Thanks ladies for the replies :) Yes I got a positive yesterday at 10DPO (AF is due anywhere from Saturday to Monday, my LP varies) and wanted to test b/c both Friday and Saturday we have things to go to and didn't know if I would be able to drink. Surprised to see the second line def, and it was with second morning pee! Today's is darker, no squinting or tilting under the light required lol. I will leave it a few days so as not to worry myself and hope it sticks until after AF and then call the doc's on Monday :)
i got a dark positive at BPO but it did take the full 5 mins to show!!

a bfp is a bfp!!

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