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Discussion in 'Shop Til You Drop' started by Wobbles, Sep 6, 2006.

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    3405 = £10 off
    3416 = £10 off
    20% off everything order code 4325
    50% off one item (minimum order 3 items) and get free 3 piece beach gift set(pink, orange and red candy stripes) comprising glasses case, watch and matching bag - code 4390
    £10 off 0221
    £5 off, free p&p and free multicooker 0342
    Various Discounts (you'll only find out what the discount is when you purchase the product) 4471
    20% off 2502
    20% off 2506
    20% off free trench coat 2250
    Varied Discount & free trench coat 2656

    I don't know if they all still work.

    I used the following:
    4031 - £10 discount (no minimum order), free delivery and free holdall

    There is no minimum spend so if its £10 or over its free! If you have creditcard your usually ok but they tend to decline flexi accounts when using codes! I bought PJs at £13 though, paid £3 & got them today :D Holdall is rank though but good for stuff stored in the shed.

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