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Letter of resignation

Umm .. well depends on what you want to say to them .. if you want it to be just short and sweet then say something like ..

"Please accept this as my resignation from the company. My last working day will be ....."

Then pad it out with any niceties (if you want to).

Doesnt need to be any more than that .. as long as it states your name, address, the last working day and your signature thats all they need.
Just really to say that i am giving my 1 weeks notice and will be leaving on a certain date.

Dont fancy adding any nicities, theyre not being nice to me atm
Just make it short and sweet then .. one or two lines thats all you need.

Satisfaction is great handing a resignation letter in to a company and job you hate though innit .. lol
Would be even better knowing i get the job thats partly causing this trouble lol
Well would be better if you knew you had the other job yea .. lol

But would it be really bad if you had a couple of weeks off anyway? If you can afford to do it then just hand it in anyway.

I dont have any choice about having time off .. lmao .. but am calm about it now.
Cant really afford to, thats whats annoying but if it gets that bad then im thinking of leaving anyways
Well best of luck for the interview tomorrow hun .. hope it all goes well for you :hugs:

What time is it? You will have to let us know how it went when you get back. Do you know if you will find out if you have got it tomorrow?
Its for 6pm, i wont know right away but i do know if i get called for a second interview then thats me in.
OH went through it for the same company in dec last year. he has told me what he remembers of it so im pretty well prepared.
Good luck,

Resignation ....

Dear whom it may concern, please except this as my one weeks resignation notice, my last day of work shall be ....

yours sincerly ....

One more thing, who do i address it to?

(and letter layout help would be great, ive forgotten lol)
My letter of quits to a shop i worked in

Dear Andrew Main
please accept this letter as nottice of my resignation. I will work 1 weeks nottice and will be leaving at 4pm on the 23rd of september 2001. I will expect any holiday pay that i am due and my 1 weeks lay in (working for the first week withought pay) in with my next pay.

Its been nice working with your company but ive been offerd a better placement in a better career.

Thankyou for accepting my resignation

Jean aka pobstar :rofl:


doesnt need to be anything fancy keep it short and sweet aslong as you clearly state you want any holiday pay your due and your weeks lay in time all with your last wage. If you dont work your weeks nottice they may not give you any holiday pay or your weeks lay in time.

hope that made sence lol
you got the job karpy?? :o *looks for other thread*
how about this

Dear Gobshite

your company is shit therefore i quit

goodbye and good riddance

yours grudginly

c copping
no she hasnt got the job yet will find out tomorrow if she does

will be very annoyed if she doesnt get it
Nobodys answered my question of who do i address it to :rofl:

If its my manager, i dont know her last name so what do i do there?
You could just put dear sirs .. or dear sir or madam .. or to whom it may concern .. or something like that

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