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Line eyes anyone??


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Mar 26, 2010
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Anyone see lines?
Not had a sniff of a line for months
Also the funny thing was these tests showed a bright pink bfp for a few minutes at first then faded to this- never seen that before- usually the test line glows white as the dye passes over

FXed for you. I get a lot of shadowy lines on those tests so I’m always wary of them but I do see what you see so hoping they darken up for you tomorrow
Same here although on this thicker style wondfo I’ve never had anything like a shadow before
Those lines are pretty obvious!!! Very hopeful they will darken over the next few days for you!!!
Yes I do!! The bottom test looks darker but I can also see a second line on the top test. The most important thing now is progression. Do u have more test strips to test over the next few days?
I’ve got a few more wondfos and plenty easy @home
After 2 chemicals last year I’m expecting stark white tomorrow
I will update
Bfn for me today
Must have been a couple of faulty tests yesterday
Af feels like it’s on the way too
So sorry for the bfn. Habe u thought of trying aspirin + antihistamines + Benadryl as part of an autoimmune protocol?? I've had 2 chemicals back to back (albeit 1 year apart) and my doctor suggested low-dosage aspirin + steroids.
I did aspirin for 3 months then stopped
Not heard of the antihistamine but I have started taking one a day for hay fever so I’ll look into this too

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