LOL how many of you?


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Dec 19, 2007
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well i was thinking ...i do have a bump after all not a baby bump but still a bump ( fat bump) but i am going to call it a practice bump nah!:rofl:

so how many of you have a practice bump?:happydance:
:blush: Its very very small though!!:rofl: And its from having my son!
I do and I only weight 110 lbs and still have a little bump from having my son. i was told it has something to do with your abdominal muscles stretching from being pregnant and the remain a little looser so when I am bloated I look a little pregnant.:rofl: I don't care though I plan on making it a big bump hopefully soon.
i get a bloated belly around O time...
looks like a "practise bump"
My OH just made oatmeal cookies so right now I have a cookie belly..:rofl:
Oh me me!!

I even like to stand sideways in front of our full length mirror and puff it out even more!

Me! Once in awhile I like to imagine I am preggers and stick it out as far as I can haha:cloud9:
Yep me! I rub mine and hold it sometimes as if i am protecting it :rofl:
I have a pre exisitng pregnancy bump... it is perfect and round like when i was 3months pregnant... and till date people ask me if i am pregnant....:cry::cry::cry:

I hate my bump... to many sad memories... and some times i still rub my belly expecting it will move... i know i have lost it....:blush:
Ive never been preggers but have a bump ;)
Yep I have one too
and like some of the others stand to the side, stick it out & rub it as if there is a little bean in there
Not too desperate for a child then :rofl:
NeyNey i do that !! hehe

av a bump, not a preggers bump nor where a babys been bump!! just my own bump, planning2get rid of that asap and replace with a baby bump :)
I have a practice bump (but it's a bit loose from loosing weight)
I havent been preggars either???????? time will tell in the next week or so? but I have a bloated bump lol amongst all the flubber lol :rofl:
The way i feel today i have a practise bump enough to share round the whole forum!!
After i had CJ i went to a doctor for a tummy tuck consult and he said if he was to get rid of my belly it would have taken about almost 30 pounds off of me..... i am a 36DD, i wear a small hotpants, my hipsters are a 34/36 but over my belly i need a XL top to fit loose....:blush::blush::blush:

OH calls it my mommy pacage..... in the end all worth the strech marks and pain.....
Well I was a really good girl, and dieted and worked out hard to get rid of my bump after I had my daughter.....and now I want it back! :hissy::rofl:
I suffer really badly with IBS and some days it gets really bad and i end up looking 6 months gone!
I used to work up in london and have to get the train every day in a way it was a good thing cos i used to get offered a seat 9 times out of 10 although embarrassing to start with i found it quite good in the end hehe
I have a bit of a practice bump. Definitely look bigger now than I did before the 2 pregnancies. I also sometimes rub my belly...glad Im not the only one!! xx
I definately have the bump! Thank God for the babydoll shirts! :rofl: My baby is going to be 16 on the 9th! But I did manage to gain some weight with my 2 mc's. (just enough to throw my body off kilter!) So yeah I do have the bump too! But that's ok, it let's me know that my body is prepared and ready for a LO to go right there!

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