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Meat / Fish?


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Dec 21, 2006
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What age can you start giving meat and fish? I seem to remember it's 7 months, but may be wrong.

As a background, Charlie started having puree at 4 months, and now at almost 7 months, he's on 3 meals a day. Weetabix and cows milk for breakfast, then lumpy mashed veg and pudding (either fruit or yogurt) for both lunch and tea.

I have started freezing a little of our dinners ready over the past 2 weeks, so in the freezer I have Beef casserole, bolognese, chicken and veg (from Sunday lunch) and lamb and veg. They are all chopped or mashed so he can eat them , and are frozen in Charlie-size portions, but can I give him something tomorrow? If not, I've ran out of the mashed veg-only, so need to go shopping first thing so I can cook him something!! :dohh: I'm so badly organised now I'm at work!!
I was told 6 months for meat, fish and dairy
Thanks beanie.

For some reason I had got it in my head that it was 6 months for dairy and 7 for meat and fish.

I've just took the food out the freezer for today. Charlie has lamb rost for lunch and chicken roast for dinner. I'll see how he goes!
Maddie loves fish and i started giving it to her at 6mths ....

She trying chicken tomorrow :)
He loved it!

He had lamb at lunch, chicken at tea on Saturday. Then chicken for lunch yesterday and spag bol for tea. He ate loads!!

He could not get the chicken down quick enough, and made a right mess with the bolognese, but loved it!

I've told them at nursery, so he should get meat or fish for both meals today!! :happydance:

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