Morning sickness in 3rd tri????


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Apr 20, 2008
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Well the last two mornings i have woken up having stomach cramps and feeling really quite sick - i just wrote it off as one of those things, but thismorning was like a scene from the exorcist - i couldn't even hold it together for the school run & promptly threw up my stomach lining (pretty much - it REALLY HURT) as soon as i walked in the front door!! I am in sooo much pain with it.
Anyone else experience this kind of sickness during third tri or should i talk to the doc?
Yea think for lots of peope it comes back again, one of the many fun things of third tri. As far as i know its just the extra hormones getting pumped around just like it was in 1st :( just happens to some people!! :hugs:
i've been sick all the way through from day one. mine has increased these last few days but midwife said its normal. x
I had a period of really bad couple of days a week or so ago. But it was in the evenings. I didn't experience morning sickness at all but I felt sooooo sick just recently. I feel for you darling, but I think it's pretty much normal. xxxx
Yea i had it bad in the 1st tri, it settelled slightly in 2nd tri but was still there, and has come back in the 3rd tri, spoke to midwife about it on Tues she said it's normal and alot of people suffer from it.
I feel like absolute cr*p! It wasn't even this bad in the first tri!!
Well i don't think it was morning sickness afterall as i spent most of yesterday doubled over in pain and either sitting on or having my head down the toilet!!! I felt like someone had taken a cheese grater to my stomach! Couldn't keep anything down (even water) and thismorning although i'm feeling a bit better & am managing to keep fluids down all i've managed to eat in the past 48 hours are some dry crackers.
Fingers crossed i'm on the mend. x
Hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of water at least :)

i aint in the 3rd yet but I stil get it :( was told it was normal also.

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