My DH is an internet DJ


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Sep 1, 2006
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My DH has now taken up a new hobby he is an INTERNET DJ for this site ......

If you go to Shows Schedule and make sure you click your right time zone you will see what time he is on his DJ name is GAZ,

Anyway he is on 7pm-11pm Sundays GMT time. also if you wanna be a
DJ apparentely the slots with no names are free and you can email
them from the front page, not something I could do. LOL

Basically if you all tune in you can request songs for him
to PLay lol and keep him busy (make him work lol)
saves me listening to his choice all night IYSWIM.

Also if anyone has ideas for song downloads let me know :D and I will make sure there on his playlist incase you tune in.
:twisted: LMFAO I wonder if he will notice ive SNEAKED cheeky girls on his play list lmfao as a joke


:twisted: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
haha thats just mean Cat!!! lol!!!

Tell him he has to play Armand Van Helden My My My My....
I luuuurrrrvvvvveeee that song!!!!!

Oooo well done him!!!
I love that song so much!!!

What about.... Sabrina Johnston I wanna sing 2003?
ANyone going to come tune into Novastream Radio at 7pm-11pm tonight (sunday) and listen to DJ GAZ's Show (my hubby) he will switch on his requests at 7:15pm right thru to 11pm so dont be shy come and request a few tracks.

We have over 3000

There is a dedication part when requesting, if your not dedicating to anyone just say where you heard about the site instead. gets it calle dout that way LOL

all you need to do is follow this link ....

Ask to listen to current DJ and the request option should also pop up :D hope to see you there, I'll be listening for all your requests,


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