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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by drboo, Nov 14, 2011.

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    This is my 5th cycle TTC. I had a really bad weekend since AF came this Saturday. Being 36 and not having children, I feel a lot of pressure. Even if I get pregnant this cycle, I'll be 37 by the time I deliver. I want two children and I'm running out of time. I have friends who got pregnant right away and I feel jealous, I wonder what's wrong with me, I feel like a failure.

    DH keeps telling me to relax and be happy because it's good for me and will make it more likely that I will get pregnant. I know that even though plenty of miserable people get pregnant, he's right. So I feel that I should come up with a plan. Anyone with me?

    First, I need a plan to put all the chances on my side, fertility-wise. Then I need a plan to make myself happy.

    My fertility plan is the following:
    1. I take a multi-vitamin that includes follic acid. I also take fish oil, calcium, and since Saturday I have been taking Evening primrose oil (which I will stop after ovulation).
    2. No drinking alcohol at all for DH or myself
    3. I bought grapefruit juice and will drink to drink a glass everyday and also drink more liquids in general. I drink a 100 calories can of Coke everyday, I'll try to stop that.
    4. We have sex every two days. Last month we had sex everyday leading to ovulation and I fear it may have been too much.
    5. I will use opk, I started last month. My next ovulation should be on November 22. DH thinks I should just forget about opk and have sex every other day but it reassures me to see that line.
    6. We found a store in Toronto that sells Preseed and will be trying it this month.
    7. NO symptom spotting, no obsessing. I will do what I can to put the chances on my side but otherwise will try to forget about it.

    This brings me to my plan to be happy:
    1. Get a foster dog. I work mostly from home, I love dogs, but feel scared to commit as mine died after 11 years a couple of years ago and I'm still not fully over it. A dog will make me happier, will help me meet people in my new neighbourhood and will get me to exercise.
    2. Do 15-20 minutes of yoga everyday. I will do this at home. I did yoga for years before and it made me feel great.
    3. Go to the office more often. Seeing people is good for the soul.
    4. Take a bath before going to bed, or go for a walk (instead of watching TV until I'm passing out). I wake up with anxiety most nights - usually about my job but now about TTC - and am trying to find ways to have a more peaceful sleep.

    What is your plan to make a baby and be happy?
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    First off let me start off by saying I hope and pray you get your BFP soon and wish you a ton of *baby dust*

    That is my new mantra...Try to get happy and see the small blessings life has to offer...

    My husband and I have been married 4 years now and were blessed with a daughter after only 6 months of marriage...but now we have been TTC #2 for 19 months now...Our first daughter was born with a lot of unexplained health issues (by unexplained I mean no history on either side) and she did have to have open heart surgery at 3 months and ureter re-implantation just 2 months ago and also started having febrile seizures at the age of 2...but even after all of this and all the stress and anxiety that goes along with it, we still want more kids...I know everyone has a plan already laid out for them in their life and I keep telling myself that we weren't ready to have kids that my daughters surgeries all over and she's doing great, I feel we are ready...I need to set the stress and anxiety of TTC aside, considering it doesn't help matters at all, and just be thankful we have a roof over our heads, food on our table and a husband who loves me and is there for me...I am hopeful this month and my plan is to take OPK's until I see a positive and then just bd that day and the next 3 days. Last month I didn't ovulate which has never happened to me before so I'm hoping this month I will...Again, I wish you all the luck and the world and keep your head up high...Be thankful for what you do have in life...and i think getting a dog is a great dog is my best friend and I treat him like son...its very comforting in my time of despair...

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