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Sep 1, 2006
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Ok i had to take my youngest to see the Health Visitor today.

He had to have his weight and height checked before his 5th birthday, as when he is 5 he is no longer under the health visitor, he's under the school nurse.
Anyway he's a little bit small for his age infact he's nearly 5 and has only just got into 2 year old clothes.

The health visitor is a nice lady, She measured him, and thankfully he has grown and put on enough weight not to have to be reffered to the hospital for growth and development hormones. :dance: I'm so happy. he grew, sounds silly but i was panicking he would have to start having regular injections.

She did say that as he is still small he will be flagged constantly by the school nurse and the doctor etc... but i can stop worrying now.

Thought i'd just share some good news first bit in weeks :D
Ohhh wow GREAT news :dance:

Sorry I missed teh news on works forum *slaps hand*

I bet that cheered you up no end & so it should :dance:
Yes it did Thank you for your well wishes.

They expect his height to reach no more that 160cm when he's older though so if that is the case he'll be about 5 foot tall which for a man is erm extremely small. Fingers crossed he gets a spurt in his teens.
Awwwwwww that is brilliant news!!! I bet that is a weight off your mind!!

Congrats hun that is fab!! :dance: :dance: :hugs: x
Aww,bless him.

My friend Shane was on these injections and he grew to 5.5 which isnt bad i think his was 5 feet

he will do well hun,sounds a little sweetheart


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