New laws give pets better protection


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Aug 31, 2006
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I think this is a good thing?

I is!

i for one welcome this law as it might provide better guidelines for animal welfare!
And children shouldn't be allowed to go out and buy animals at 12 anyway ... most children just arn't responsible enough!

I think 12 is way too young for them to go and buy them, I used to work in a petshop and we wouldn't sell any pets to anyone under 16 unless we could contact ehir parents to make sure it was ok.
i know this might sound stupid but at some fairs up here their is games you can win gold fish so how will that law take effect on that respect as i know loads of kids go to these fairs and win gold fish gawd knows what happens to them but will this be banned or something? or will the kids have to have an adult with them to get their prize

sorry for going off the subject and i do think this law has been the best in a long while :lol:
Weestar you never fail to make me piss myself!!

Piss myself?? Think my waters just broke!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You daft moo :hugs:
:wacko: i was just asking though, poor wee fishes i get scared when i see kids with this bag of water witha wee fishy i keep thinking the worst :(
Bless you Jean :hugs:

Its just one of those things we should have known you'd ask :rofl:

You do make me laugh :lol:
i really dont mean to make yous laugh you know i just feel sorry for the wee fishes :'(
Awww hun .....

Bless your lil cotton socks and may you never change! :hugs:

We love it when you make us laugh!

As I said on MSN there now I'm not laughing AT you hun I just think your funny .... I've not quite got over the Google thread yet :rofl:
Please don't ... Laughing, To-Much-hurts!

Want to get to 36wks plz ... this rate im not gonna last another 36mins!

We not laughing @ u babe honest!
im gonna start my millions would yous pay to see me live, i'll just stand on stage and yous can just laugh with me ( i laugh like a donkey too :rofl:)
I can picture that tbh LOL

.. laughing like a donkey :rofl:
Locky hates it when i laugh :blush: and i laugh most of the day, i even have my own dictonary of wee jeannies silly words my fav is cockalobalice :rofl::rofl:
i got my first fish at a fair, and i loved it so ^_^ i cried when it died :( then my brother was mean and put it on my pillow :( then i flushed it down the loo.

Yeah, kids shouldnt be allowed to buy pets under 16, lol
She a fruit n nut i tell ya ...

Stark raving bloody bonkers ...

Tis all that Yvannes fault, mind u don't think jean needed much help TBH lol!

If she knockin round wit u won't take long ...

just leave ~AG alone we like her as she is lol!

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