Newbie here and oh sooo confused (also posted in LTTTC)

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by maybebaby-no1, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Dec 18, 2009
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    Hello All

    I am new to BnB but definatly not new to TTC. I suppose you need a little background info;

    I am 26, I have been with my husband coming up for 9 years although only married 3 We have not been using any contraception since after about a year of being together, and have "activley" been TTC for around 4 years. In August I was doagnosed with PCOS and have previoulsy back in 2005 had Polyps removed.

    The PCOS is a bit different from most as it seems from internet searching most people suffer from lack of a menstrual cycle I however the opposite I can go months on end bleeding continuisly. I have previously been prescribed Metformin, and I know I should really get back on them but they make me feel terrible. i shoudl also note that I am overweight in fact I am in the obese rabge but doctor is reluctant to prescribe anything else to help except the Metformin, I am watching what I eat but its soo hard. They will also not help me with fertility issues until I get my BMI down to at least 35! Currently sitting on 40.

    Anyway on 30th November 09, I stopped bleeding (I cant remember when I started AF but she hung around for about a month I suppose, things have been really funny since then, see below;

    Nov 30th - Stopped bleeding
    Dec 1st - Nothing
    Dec 2nd - Nothing
    Dec 3rd - BD'd
    Dec 4th - Nothing
    Dec 5th - Nothing
    Dec 6th - BD'd
    Dec 7th - Nothing
    Dec 8th - BD'd
    Dec 9th - BD'd
    Dec 10th - Slight spotting (Pink mixed with White CM) - No need for sanitary wear only once when I went to the toilet and wiped I noticed something, nothing the next time I went, this was early eve
    Dec 11th - A the 10th Dec
    Dec 12th - BD'd
    Dec 13th - BD'd
    Dec 14th - Nothing
    Dec 15th - BD'd
    Dec 16th - Nothing
    Dec 17th - Small proper bleed (Deeper red still quite stretch I suppose) - I though this was the start of the witch again, as I was off to bed I popped in a tampax and off I went after crying mysef to sleep, got up this morning went to the toilet, removed tampax to find it nearly all white still, a small bit of pink and some brown but otherwise nothing, and although not long ago have nothing since, completly clear!

    I have never really been able to chart because I just dont knwo when to start as I have no idea where in my cycle I am. Can anyone make any sense of the above????? It is driving me crazy.

    Wow that was a long post for my first, sorry if I bored you all And maybe TMI in there but I would love some advise.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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    Hiya chic.....welcome to BNB !!...I'm not much help on this one as no experience with PCOS.

    Sure some of the other girls can advise??

    Good luck ....see you around !!xx

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