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Nursing bra sizes


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May 19, 2008
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Hi all, I don't know if this is the best room or not but hey-ho. I need to get me a nursing bra to sit about the house in (well it doesn't need to be nursing except that I'm trying to minimise how many bras I buy). I was wondering what size to get, whether to order as I am now or larger assuming that I will get bigger when the milk comes in. But do I get bigger for long or just at the start? If the latter then presumably I would be better getting a similar size to now (given I'm already a cup size larger than I was before pregnancy) and managing without or in a crop top or something in the early days.

Anyway, any info or advice welcomed! Thanks!
the advise is to not get a bra to wear after birth until the baby has dropped as only then will you have some idea of whta size you will be.

Personally, my nursing bras are the same size as pre pregnancy, but thats not common
I would advise you to wait until after the birth, during pregnancy i only really went up a cup size or 2 but after my LO was born i went up another size.
Get a nursing tank.


Get a nursing tank.


Bit out of my price range right now but I'll look for this when I move into nursing bras proper! Thanks!

Thanks for all your replies everyone.
I went to mothercare before I had my daughter and the fitter there said its best to get measured after 37 weeks xxx
i got measured at 37 weeks for my nursing bra and they say u should get measured around this time but bloody hell!!! i got a 36 e nursing bra and over night (not a joke) my chest grew 2 sizes haha so trying to squeeze into my bra is a nightmare so id suggest geting atleast 1 cup size bigger than u measure :)

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