Ocean Dresser/Changer with Drawers YAY OR NAY?

Discussion in 'Store & Product Reviews' started by Kal_El, Nov 18, 2011.

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    May 8, 2011
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    So I been trying to find any good reviews for the Ocean Dresser/Changer with Drawers but only found three two bad one good. Now I like to take the sciantific aproce but since I can't buy loads I will have to ask lots of people haha.

    Does anyone have this product fro Mama's and Papa's? If so whats the verdict?
  2. Torz

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Yes i have the M&P Ocean cot bed & dresser changing unit & to be very truthful no i wouldn't buy it again. I ended up getting £100 off the dresser as M&P messed me about so much with the cot (long story). Anyway, the dresser, the draws dont line up properly so the gaps look wiered at the front. The draw fronts keep comming off as the conectors will not stay in properly. The wood marks very easily & the finish (varnish i think) is flaking in places.

    When my OH was putting it up all he did was complain about how shoddy the workmanship was.

    There are much nicer dressers/draw sets that you can get out there for the price you pay for that from M&P. I wanted that particular one to match the cot & i bought the cot because our house is done out in oak (doors, skirting etc) & i wanted nursary furniture to match. I was under the impression that the cot (& rest of the M&P Ocean range) is solid oak, but it is not, its just oak veneared. very disapointed tbh

    I was orginally going to save up & buy the whole range a piece at a time but after seeing the quality of the draws i didnt bother. We have had both items for over a year now.

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