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October/November pumpkins 2024

Thank-you esp glad you are well! Exciting to find out the gender soon
Congratulations star! Hoping this is your take home baby! Esperanza so exciting you will find out the gender soon!
Hi ladies,
Quick update… didnt find out the gender cause I didnt get a scan ( it was not scheduled and apparently you have to book a separate gender scan if you want to find out before 20 weeks). So Im counting down the days to May 25th when i get my 20 weeks anatomy scan. Hoping everything is good with the baby, ive started to feel some flutters and quickening this week.
Hoping to get some news from you ladies
Hi esp, that's great you're starting to feel movement, how exciting, looking forward to hearing the gender

Nothing happening for me at the moment, I think I'm 6.5 weeks roughly, got midwife next Thurs and they will arrange a scan from there, right now I'm glad they didn't arrange a scan straight away, I'm happy being oblivious to what's going on after the last early scan, makes me.anxious thinking about it so I'm happy to wait til I'm further on and see what happens with symptoms etc
At the moment I've had some heartburn, tired (always tired though lol) some.nipple stinging on and off, little bit of nausea mainly after drinking tea and coffee and this is usually late afternoon of if I have some squash in the night and crazy dreams!
Last pregnancy didn't feel anything so I'm hoping these are good signs

Hope everyone is well
Yay for flutters esp! Good to hear you are having symptoms this time star, so exciting!
Afm I finally have my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for the 28th of this month when I will be 21 weeks. My doctor wanted me to have a level 2 ultrasound since I'm older so that is why I didn't get one sooner. My husband said for mother's day that I can get a 3d scan and that is scheduled for the 20th. I'm excited to see little one again where my husband and kids can be with me. We don't have anyone to watch our kids so the ultrasound at the hospital I have to go by myself. I feel little one from time to time, my placenta is in front so I don't feel him as often as I did some of my others which makes me a little sad.
I forgot to mention that I was having a baby shower today. Its definitely early but my niece is pregnant too and is 31 weeks, she was nervous to have a baby shower with all the focus on her. She told me she wanted to do a joint one. It went well and we received a lot of beautiful gifts. I have been emotional all day. I feel so blessed to have the family and friends that I do.
I had my anatomy scan today and little man looks good. I do have to go back for another scan in a month to see if they can get a few more images of his heart and diaphragm. They couldn't get them today because of his position and he was being stubborn. They did get some of the heart but it was looking through the spine so they couldn't get the exact images they wanted. How are you ladies doing? Esperanza did you have your scan? How did it go?

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