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Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by charli87, Mar 31, 2011.

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    hey not sure if anyone can help but....

    I work in retail ft as an assistant manager i want to drop down to just a basic sales assistant (skipping team leader). If i went back full time it wouldnt be worth the stress i get made to work 50+hrs a week even though im only paid 39hrs as its in my contract if they need me to do extra then i have to. I would only end up with around 30quid a week extra after childcare so its just not worth it. Im thinking id like to go back as a basic sales assistant and work evenings once oh is home.
    Is there any point me even asking for this or will that just refuse it straight away?
    If i should go ahead and ask is it best to go to HR or my line manager?

    Thanks all
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    I did something similar myself. I was managing my department, but I didn't want the stress (or hours), and wanted to drop to "normal" level. My work were happy to accommodate me, and they created a new job in a different department for me too, so I wasn't working under my replacement!

    If you're on good terms with either HR or your line manager I'd suggest starting with an informal chat with them to see where the land lies, and if they think it would work. If they think it's a possibility then start putting it in writing through the official channels.

    That's what I did, as I was friends with the HR manager I had a chat with her outside of work, and she sounded out the boss for me.

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