O'ing today! :)


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Aug 4, 2008
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1st time i have even so much as tried to pinpoint ovulation lol so i could be off.. but i'm rather happy as it's a Friday, no interruptions later on :p

Good luck all of you! x
nice one hun...n wot timing aswell!! wot av u done? opk? charting? good luck catch that eggie:)
Enjoy your weekend :) Whatever will you get up to????
im ovalting yesterday or today. hope we get our bfp this month. keep in touch. for the two week wait
I'm ovulating today, tomorrow or yesterday lol. Soon anyways. I will be with you for the 2WW

WOOOHOOO!! Go catch that eggie!!!:spermy: :dance: Good luck!!
Sorta "not trying, not preventing" atm..

Buuuut my hopes are ruined for this month lol i've grumpily left OH watching Soccer AM after he told me numerous times last night and this morning, "you're too wet, i can't come" :mad:

Aw bless him though, he feels really bad and keeps sayin sorry lol!

TMI but grrr lol.. Anyone else had this very UNUSUAL 'complaint'? x
I got lots of EWCM today :wohoo: The eggie is coming soon!
snap i got lots of ewcm yday and some today :wohoo: go :spermy: go......will i be ok with a few :wine: tonight??? or lay off it?? :bfp: for all
i am ovulating today, tomorrow or monday acording to my ov watch and moniter we shall be in the 2ww together ;) goodluck

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