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OMFG --- Looky Looky


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Sep 1, 2006
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LOOK WHAT I FOUND this was my ankles when Pregnant with Caitlin LOL

WOW.......Make sure you take pictures to compair now you are preg with number 2! :wink:
hehehe going to compare the belly pics aswell :D cos I found all of those too :)

But the ankles lmao couldnt wear shoes lucky it was the summer I got away with flip flops.
:shock: That is rough!!! Hope you don't suffer this time round.....was you uncomfy with it babe?
It wasnt to bad just couldnt wear shoes, or trainers LOL DH said they feel like cushions LOL had to keep them elevated at times, to get them to go down.
ooooh hun OWWWWWW that looks so painful!!! glad it wasn't to bad for you tho!!
ouch! how far along were you there?
Mine were swollen after the birth - were yours worse then??
hahahah when i first saw your ticker i thought it said your baby was going to be called paris hilton :D hahah more brain cells! did you put that in? x
LOL nah its customized I just selected the humour one as supposed to the development one :)
ooh hun they look bad if you get them starting to swell up lay down with your feet higher than your heart hope this helps spunky xx
Hope they dont get that bad this time, I had to wear flip flops LOL

Hope they dont get that bad this time :shock: mine were swollen but not quite that bad

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