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Organising A Meet .... ATTENTION! ... APRIL/MAY 2007

oooh had forgotten all about this :oops:
I'm up for it too depending how far OH said will bring me :D

When is this? Thred Title is Next April/May, then there's people on about doing a meet soon (back earlier in the year!)

Besides Alfie'll be April, by then I'll be busy teachin Numero 1 son where a womens place is......providing food, boobs or oven

We don't mind!!!
i would come aswell but unless their is a car show near by then i wont get to go :( Its the only reason OH will drive down south to visit flipping car shows :roll:
Not sure Imis plans on this now - I know she wants to do somethign so I'll leave her to decide!

I'm organising one for the summer - I always do for another forum & the welcome will be made here too so thats will be 3 forums :wink:

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