Organising A Meet .... ATTENTION! ... APRIL/MAY 2007


Aug 31, 2006
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Hello Girls!!!

Thinking About organising a meet in warrington at the end of the month begining of next .... wondering who would be interested???

Please post your names down below and we can see if we can sort something out, It would be lovely to meet you girls :)

If you live to far away there is talks going on with one or two of us about who's got spare rooms for that night :)....

We hope to see most of you really soon so Lets see if we can get our first BabyAndBump meeting off the ground :D!!
Dont think i would be able to make it unfortunatley! Ive got too many things going on untill xmas thats costing me money...
Sounds like a great idea.

Although don't leave it too late or you will have to roll me in and out.

:oops: :fool:


could we not have it somewehre more central? warrington is very far from me.

Well atleast you dont live in California. Do you think maybe we can have it in New York. That could be central! :wink: :D

I have always wanted to go to NY!! :dance: :happydance:
Me too. I have never been.
But I want to go in winter..........near Christmas would be ace!!! Or New Years! :D
would love to but proberbly to far?? warrington bout 6-7 hr drive!!
Ok guys ...

A General idea about a new location would be good ...
Depending on what we are doing depends if we can make it - we have no set plans bar we're moving soon & as my OHs Mum will likely be helping :)D) when we go on the hunt I won't kind of put it off for any reason as it will be just there & then probably!

Warrington is fine with me though ? :D

When we move will have some house warming drinks so I will throw out an invite then & a room if we can it will just be a case of bring an air bed as we won't have beds sorted in spare rooms that quick :D
I for one would be willing to offer a room also just bring a duvet :D ...

Come on girls put your names down!!!
me me me as Im in warrington so definatly.

Where could we go or what could we do ?
id love 2 but we xmas jst round the corner, will b 2 pricey, maybe nxt time!!!
Iv had an idea thats a bit different. How about a pub lunch. It means were all sat down and can have a good natter nice and warm

Imi is away in november now so its going to be the begining of december, most pubs start doing an xmas lunch from 1st dec, so how about a pub xmas lunch ?

honest opinions please :D
OK sod it, I will see what I can do.....although it really depends on how my back/groin and god knows what else is, last time I went to Birmingham, it was a nightmare and Wattington is further on, so will I be :lol: But I will certainly give it a go :wink:

See what a PUB lunch does to me :rofl:

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