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    this is totally non pregnancy related but just have to share!

    I posted a while ago in 2nd tri about my dad being diagnosed with an agressive brain tumour. He's having chemo and radiotherapy and is looking well despite his prognosis not looking great. Anyway, him and mum were very worried about money as he is going down to half pay and with xmas coming up, it was all getting a bit much for them both. they still have 2 kids under 13 at home and another at uni.

    On sunday, my brother and his girlfriend turned up with a huge present. it turned out to be a HUGE 42" flat screen tv! it looks amazing! my parents tv was on its last legs and there was no way they could afford a new one. It totally lifted everyones mood and got everyone in the xmas spirit.

    Today a woman my dad is very good friends with turned up at their house with a present for dad. he told her he was going out tonight and she said that he had better open his present now then as he might need it. he opened it up and it was £1000 in cash! apparently she had been fundraising ever since she found out about dad. People that have donated don't even know him. its so generous. I cried my eyes out when he told me. he was crying too.

    there are two other groups who are fundraising to send my dad and family away on holiday in the summer!!!!

    I just can't believe how generous people are. my dad has done a lot of fundraising and benefits in his time and has raised a lot of money so i suppose its true what they say, what goes around, comes around.

    I'm just so happy for my parents right now. they both seem so happy after months of nothing but bad news.

    totally off topic but just had to share


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