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PAL Winter Babies 2010/11 - ** Waiting impatiently for our remaining babies! **


Ruby <i>, Dils, Rowan
Aug 5, 2009
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UPDATE: Graduates welcome here! PAL Winter Mummy and Baby Group!

Lovely ladies!

We seem to have a boom of PAL babies due in November!
Fancy sharing symptoms, worries, sticky dust and PMA?

Edit! Updated for PAL mummies due in Winter 2010/2011. Just post your EDD and we'll put you on the list :kiss:

I'll go first:
Ruby's little bro/sis, my Munchkin is due 18th November (by LMP) or 22nd November (by my dates).
Sticky dust to us all! :dust:

:dust: PAL Winter Babies dues dates: :dust:


https://lb1f.lilypie.com/FMBLp1.png3rd - Vinushka Vincent arrived on 14th Oct :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/5jOpp1.png6th - mummytochloe Chloe arrived 9:08pm on 12th Oct weighing 9lb 12oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/IRhc.png19th - kaylz--x Zoey Ella arrived 5:30am on 28th Oct weighing 7lb 4oz :cloud9:
https://lpmf.lilypie.com/FNHOp1.png25th - Agiboma - Michael arrived 14th July 2010 :cloud9:


https://lb1f.lilypie.com/PTbr.png5th - Blondee Alex arrived 10:48 on 2nd Nov weighing 8lb 9oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/HKNg.png5th - Louise-H'08 Erin Amanda arrived 4:05pm on 6th November weighing 7lb 9oz :cloud9:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1109793.png6th - 39YrMumtoOne :yellow:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/fZFw.png18th - Tulip Dillon Reuben arrived 6:38am on 24th November weighing 7lb 8oz
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/gIBc.png18th - Kerry. Jacob Lucas arrived 10:34pm on 19th November weighing 10lb 5oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/mUei.png19th - MissyMojo Maddox Andrew David arrived 4:27pm Cypriot time on 1st Nov weighing 6lb 7oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/Fdtc.png20th - hekate Redley arrived 7:30am on Sunday 3rd October weighing 4lb 15oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/iQKh.png26th - KimmyB Archie arrived at 12:24pm on 23rd November weighing 8lb 13oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/QCyR.png29th - Wantabean Cameron John arrived dramatically at 2pm on Thursday 18th November :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/udMi.png29th - Lolly W Livi May arrived 4:40am on 1st December weighing 8lb 1oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/WVuW.png30th - Hannah76 Ava Lily arrived at 6:34am on 8th December weighing 8lb 12oz :cloud9:


https://lb1f.lilypie.com/py6c.png3rd - Lolly25 Evangeline arrived on 9th December weighing 7lb 14oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/OQw3.png20th- zoe87 Hollie Louise arrived at 6:48am on 24th December weighing 7lb 10oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/2DgD.png21st - mayb_baby Michael arrived on 24th January weighing 7lb :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/ZnIG.png21st - KatyKat Isabelle Evelyn arrived on 19th December weighing 7lb :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/i7kd.png21st - Butterfly - Rosie Mae arrived on 14th December :cloud9:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1109805.png24th - mrsG5 :yellow:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/3YnF.png27th - Mizze Caitlyn Sophie arrivedat 10:50am on 13th January weighing 7lb 8oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/ES45.png29th - summer rain Little boy arrived 20th December :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/Agy2.png30th - SEA34 Eleanor Abigail arrived on 30th December weighing 6lb 12.5oz :cloud9:

https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1109808.png5th - magnolia09 :pink:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/S6u2.png8th - Nosy_Cow Skye arrived on 18th January weighing 5lb 5oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/u9VC.png13th - TripleB Florence arrived on 2nd January weighing 9lb 3oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/uOmA.png13th - hb1 Ollie arrived at 10:37 on 25th January :cloud9:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1111169.png15th - JoeyTT01 :yellow:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1113136.png18th - Surprise :blue:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/bdvR.png20th - fluffyblue Oliver Samuel arrived at 10:06 on 17th January weighing 8lb 6oz :cloud9:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/9Qxs.png26th - Smiler79 Imogen Zoe arrived at 2:32pm on 30th January weighing 6lb 9oz :cloud9:

https://lb1f.lilypie.com/8TIU.png 8th - eclipse Kira Marion arrived at 11:03am on 28th January weighing 8lb 13oz :cloud9:
8th - wish2bmama Liam Patrick arrived on 3rd February weighing 8lb 3.7oz :cloud9: Finley B born straight into heaven :angel:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1120296.png14th - MommahSarah :yellow:
https://lb1f.lilypie.com/YMnH.png17th - Bluetomato Darcey arrived by emergency c/s at 3.11am on 26th January weighing 6lb 10oz :cloud9:
https://women.evenhealth.com/image/c/mp1129179.png20th - SunShyn2205 :blue:

https://lb1f.lilypie.com/VI0i.png11th - Vickie1981 Sophia Isabella arrived by induction (finally!) on 10th February weighing 5lb 5.5oz :cloud9:

Precious angels
:angel: Beadette :angel:
:angel: Posh :angel:
:angel: Chimpette :angel:
:angel: tinybutterfly :angel:
:angel: Megg33k :angel:
:angel: Lamburai1703 :angel:
:angel: minniemone :angel:
:angel: kimini26 :angel:
:angel: Laura.x.x :angel:
:angel: Lawa :angel:
:angel: KatienSam :angel:
:angel: Lucky777 :angel:
Great idea! Lots of sticky dust to all you ladies :dust:

According to my dates my baby is due 6th November. So pleased but been feeling awful this last week - nauseous all the time and if I don't eat every 2 hours I feel REALLY sick:sick:. And I'm sooo tired. Hope this doesn't last too long because I'm struggling to hold it together at work :wacko:.
Woo Hoo! It's here! Loving the group Tulip!

Ok so by my LMP dates I will be due 20th November! I have NO idea when I ovulated or how long my cycles were as I only had one period in between ERPC and BFP! Got BFP on mothers day!!! x x x

Love and sticky dust to you all! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oh yeah - i haven't started getting many symptoms yet apart from like a million wee's a day x
You see by LMP I'm 2 days ahead of you. Not sure what to go by!

Will update our list of beans tomorrow night girls. Off to bed now hoping work don't call inthe night xx
I know that my midwife only went on LMP and used this wheel thingy to date me last time!

i would go on LMP and then just update ticker when scan confirms the dates! Also it means you're a bit further! lol xxxx
ah you did say you would start this thread. thank you :hugs:
will introduce myself. i am kirstie, am 21 and i just found out yesterday that i am expecting :happydance: i have however 5 angels so bliming bricking it. have appointment booked for couple of hours time ( was booked months ago) to try to figure out why this keeps happening. i have no real idea when my edd is coz last period was on 26th dec (am a regular 28 days kinda girl) but i had mc last month. reckon i can push for a scan just so i know where i am at. i really look forward to talking to you ladies. extra strength sticky :dust: for you all xxx
o yeah symptoms... REALLY bloated (full next dress size up style), bbs are agony, nausea, full blown ms in the morning, sore teeth and really gassy. xxx
Oh yay! O date puts me due Nov 27! Terrified!!! :)

Symptoms... achy boobs, sooooooo tired, craving stupid things, weird dreams, crying loads!
megg did you used to post on official jan thread. way back before i became proper bnb member i read that thread. you kept me hooked lol its nice to say hi :wave: fxd and lots of sticky :dust: for you xxx
Yeah Kirstie, Nina and I would kill for your symptoms :rofl: Though I think I've got the bloatin covered!! x
I won't be happy until I have full blown sickness! Lol xxx
haha and i wont be happy till i have full blown kicking and screaming child in my arms lol
do you think i should ask about progesterone? xxx
Definitely. Have you temp charted before? Low post-o temps are a good indication of low prog. Also see if they'll put you on high- dose folic acid x
i dnt take temps. i tried but hey were everywhere and i got confused lol i have been taking 400mg folic acid for about 5 months now but will say xxx
hey ladies

I'm Mojo, and im baking an alien nudger,

i have two tickers cos im somewhere between them lol!!! due between 17th nov and 23rd nov - almost the same as last time

symptoms -
boobs hurt
food tastes sooooo bland!!
occaisonal queasyness,
constipated! and windy -:( not fun
Bloated - my jeans dont fit-god bless leggings!

I'm a bit nervous about posting here as it's still such early days and I usually stay in ttcal! By my dates I'm due Nov 27th. My last 2 pregnancies have ended in mc at around 6-7 weeks so my GP has already arranged a 7 week scan for me on 12th April. I'm absolutely terrified and the only symptom I have is increased weeing! I've poas everyday since Saturday when I got my first BFP!!

Good luck and sticky dust to all of us xxx
Lolly, increased peeing is my only symptom too! And I too have poas each day since my first BFP on 14th march!! Xxxx

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