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Nov 29, 2007
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Chloe wil not sleep! She sleeps between 6-8 hours a night but often that is it. She gets very tired and grumpy during the day but will not go to sleep.

How can I get her to nap??
I have no advice (funnily enough, with my little man constantly in the land of nod...) but I'd swap LOs with you for a couple of hrs if we could!
Oh yeah!!

Shes in her basket now, dummy in eyes shut looks like shes gonna drop off, she's been doing that for 2 hours and will suddenly wake up, I've changed nappy, offered feed, burped, cuddled, she doesnt cry when she wakes up, she does what I call shouting
does she fall asleep in her pushchair when you're out?
You wait untill you can stick her in a bouncer. 15 minutes and she'll be off!
She will sleep on car and buggy so I always take her out in the afternoon but as soon as we stop she wide awake again.

Toria, I'm counting the days!!

Dont get me wrong, I love the fact that shes alert and into everything but she gets so grumpy and I know half an hour nap would stop that
have you tried to get her to sleep longer at night so you can ensure she is getting enough sleep. She may be overtired! Its daft isn't it your that tired you don't sleep!
I'm sending Chloe a virtual lullaby to keep her asleep...And Ally is just waking up, see he gave his ability to sleep to her!
Caitlyn's asleep right now haha, maybe I should wake her up and give some of her sleepyness to Chloe!
i always thought that young babies slept when they got tired... but mine doesn't! she's like yours...only sleeps in my arms during the day... i kow! slippery slope!

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