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PMSL @ Student MW


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Dec 22, 2007
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Went for my 28 week check up earlier and the mw had her student in with her, so she trotted off to get stuff ready for my bloods and left the student to do my blood pressure and urine etc and she found a trace of some random thing in my wee .. so she starts going off on one reeling out the textbook stuff that it means i have a urine infection or thrush or blah blah blah .. so i look a little worried :hissy:

mw pops back in and she starts explaining and mw is like noooooooooo there need to be traces of other stuff for that, have you had any symptoms or is anything unusual? to which i i replied no lol.

I just couldnt help wet my pants when i got out because it was just one of those typical "textbook" diagnosis things :rofl::rofl:

Sooooo funny, i think poor girl was a bit embarassed though when the mw came back
lol... well at least she was enthusiastic.
Bless her, they are so into it! I had a student mw feel for my baby when i was 16week she was brill and was so patient she was doing it with her eyes closed and she was lovely! x
I much prefer the student mw to my actual mw!n She actually seems human where as my normal mw seems like a super academic robot who would really rather not have to speak to me let alone touch me! :rofl:

Glad to hear you're ok though PP - that's good news :hugs:
I had a student in with my doctor today at the hospital and she must have been really nervous because when she was taking my blood pressure she couldn't even put the strap on and kindof sat there looking really awkward! but i thanked her and wished her goodluck because she seemed lovely! WHEREAS the student sonographer..OUCH she hurt me loads :(
Aww bless, at least she was keen. Makes a change from some of the usual moody cows so many of us have seen.
Lol cute! I've only had one student so far, a student doctor who was observing my 12 week scan. He didn't really do much, just watched and took notes.
:rofl: I always seem to get some kind of student in my appointments! Last one, bless, wasn't very good at taking blood, ouch! Saying that, when i went to the hospital and they tried to take blood the doctor wasn't very good!
lmao bless herr! I had a student MW at an apointment and she was lovely!! Although she wasnt very good and kept having to ask the other MW to take over but i guess they all gotta learn!

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