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    Hi ladies
    Been testing for a few days. I know some womon just do the one or maybe 2 tests and get there BFP and then just go with it.
    But I'm a complete POASA
    I've had 2 chemicals in the past and also a MC at 10 weeks so I've been testing daily to make sure there is line progression.

    Can't believe yesterdays the test line came up instantly and is darker than the control line. I'm out of FRER now but got a few cheepies. Got the darkest line I've had so far at 15DPO on the cheepie. These tests are not early detection.
    Still got a fair few of these left and I'm gonna do them all and do a line progression with these also when they have all gone. Just to help other ladies because with these tests I started getting what looked like shadows at 10 and 11DPO then a vvvvv faint pink line at 12DPO.
    AF was due yesterday. Still feel I can't relax as it's so early.
    Never got lines no where near this dark with the 2 CP. So I'm hoping this is all a very good sign.
    Hate the worry so much.
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