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Oct 27, 2006
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Hi hun just noticed you are online, havent spoke for ages!! how are you??? How is the pregnancy going? I bet Kyron is growing up fast !

Hiya Hon

How are you ang your gorgeous little Jamie? Oooh and how did the wedding go??? How exciting! Point me in the direction of any pictures!

I havn't been online for ages!!! - Been sooo tired and things are a bit manic too. In the middle of buying a house (Which we'll be renting out) and sorting out when I'm going to leave work and go to Germany (Where paul is posted)...Kyran is a right little monkey - If I get two like him I'll look 40 by the time I'm 30!!!

The baby is fine, thanks to the daily dose of Clexane and Aspirin - I have my 20wk scan in two weeks and am very excited because Paul is allowing me to find out the sex this time!

Anyhow I am going to try to come on more often....But very often sleep wins over!

Hope everyone is doing ok...I really need to catch up!
Jamie is fine thanks, he has his days though when hes a total monster !! and has major tanrums !! i think the terrible 2's are setting in early !!! lol

Wedding was great, i want to do it all over again !! still cant get used to calling phil my 'husband' though !! sounds too grown up !!! lol theres a few pics in the photo bit under the thread "a couple of pics" but they are crap quality as they are photos of photos if you see what i mean!!! my dam scanner is broke !!

Glad the pregnancy is going well, it must be a lot tiring this time round with Kyron to look after too, we are hoping to ttc next month so watch this space !!!! lol

I take it Paul is already in Germany and your sorted out when to move too? i can only imagine how hectic it all must be !!

Yay make sure your come on and tell us the sex!!! Any ideas to what you are having? get some bump pics up so we can guess !!! lol

Bless him! lol I'm having the same with Ky - Although it seems to be only me that he behaves so badly for!

Have you got used to your new signature yet? - I always used to sign my maiden name - then look like some sort of fraudster when I'd cross it out and ask if I could start again lol!

Yeah, Paul is based in Germany now, but he's back tomorrow for 3 months in Wales - he's on a course for his next stripe (Sergeant) but I should see him weekends.

OMG I've got 246 unread pages to get through! :hissy: Better ge back to it!
Hellooooooo :happydance:

I chased you up on the other forum your on Rachie was :headspin: to see everything was going well.

I have missed you ... :baby: ... missed bugging you :rofl:

I take it Paul is already over there. I bet your missing him like mad. Can he get over for the scan?
Heya Rachie!!

Nice to see you hun, glad your PG going well and the lil man doing ok!

You'll be fine in germany hun some of my friends are baised over there! .. where bouts you going??

Good luck with the house buying ... don't get to stressed (drives you crazy i know just done it lol!)

Come on a bit more ... we miss you!!


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