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May 14, 2008
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Well let me start at the beginning, yesterday I noticed my son had bought a toy home from school that wasnt his, he fibbed and told me it was but I knew it wasnt, anyway when hubby got in we spoke to him and he told us that it wasnt his, he found it on the floor but that he then told us he has other toys in his bedroom that are other childrens, there were about 6 toys, we explained it was wrong etc and this morning I went in to see his teacher with him to confess, she said he did the right thing but that its wrong to take them.
I have already stopped him taking toys to school as I dont agree with it, he has also lost a few toys where I assume other children have taken them home or maybe toys have been swapped, the teacher said that she allows the children to bring one toy in as long as the parents know which it is so they can check that it is being bought home by the child at the end of the day.

What happens at your childs school, do they have a policy on toys, I would imagine that to inforce a rule of no toys in school would be hard, we used to do it at nursery when I was deputy/manager there but schools are completely different, what does others think?
At the school my kids go to they are allowed on a friday only for show and tell.

The kids do sometimes take long something small that fits in their pockets and my DS3 has an annoying habit of stealing the little number and word cards, bugger!! I found loads behind the toy box tonight and I took them back to school when I collected him!!

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