Settling a FF baby?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Farie, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hi, sorry in advance for all the questions I'm going to ask in the next few days, I'm a breastfeeder moving to FF for medical reasons. My gorgeous girl is allergic to a host of proteins, formostly milk proteins and soy.

    We are on the prescription milk Neocate and I'm moving her over gradually over the next 10 days or so. She's currently going on to 1/3 FF 2/3 EBM and pretty much no boob at all :sad1:

    What do you do to settle LO to sleep after their bottle, I'm used to Nim sucking until she's 95% asleep and cuddling the last bit. How do you go from wide awake to asleep?

    Do I just cuddle and pat? Is it ok to give her a dum to suck on till she's sleepy? Or do I let her have the dum in bed?

    Sorry, confused BFer looking for help while transitioning!
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    I combi feed but do boob first so I finish with a bottle. At night she is pretty sleepy and generally drops off before the end of the bottle, like she used to on the boob.

    I sometimes give her a dummy to get off to sleep but I take it out when she's snoring. Or she usually lets it drop out herself, to be fair. She doesn't have it in bed with her.
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    Have you tried just putting her down after a bottle?

    I've also just moved over from BFing, and have always let her comfort suck after feeding and fall asleep at the boob, as it was the only way I could get her to sleep! But ever since her very first bottle, I've just put her down in her crib awake, and she's more than happily settled herself off to sleep!
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    my bubs has settled the same since ive changed her bedtime feed to formula, i just read her a story, give her dummy and cuddle and pat and she settles just as quick x
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    You will need a bedtime routine.

    DD nursed until four months. We weaned to Neocate and then EleCare.


    lotion, diaper and jammies with the lights low

    Rocking or cuddles and stories


    Bed - it took me about a month before she'd fall asleep post bottle in the crib. As hard as it is -- much easier than breaking a 9-10 month old of nursing to sleep. Believe me. Sit by the crib and pat her tummy or rock her most of the way during bottle before bed.

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