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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Lauren25, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Me and OH are going to Liverpool next weekend and we'll be going for a night out. I hate wearing heels though and always end up wearing flat shoes. Thing is though i never feel as dressed up without heels on so i want some heels.

    Thing is all the ones i see that are nice have the hugest heels on!! Has anyone seen any nice black shoes without a massive heel that are going to be comfy??

    Or has anyone any ideas on how to make flat shoes look more going outy??

    Thanks :thumbup:
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    I can't walk in heels at all so I always look for kitten heels or wedges or platforms that aren't too high - failing that, you can get those fold up flat shoes that fit in your handbag for when you simply can't keep the heels on any longer.
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    Yes I was going to recommend the folding flat shoes also!
    I work in a shoe shop (or should I say will be doing once again when back from maternity leave in January) and a lot of people thought they were pretty fab.

    The other thing I was going suggest is hush puppies, they do a really nice range of mid heel shoes, there is one pair that are black, leather and really comfy.

    The pictues of them do not do them justice

    Another pair I recommend are these -

    They have a smaller heel and also have a hidden platform so when you are walking you barely feel like you are on a heel! One note of these ones they come up quite large so if you were say a 6.5 you would only need a 6, and if you were a 6 you would probably need to use an insole inside (which would then make the shoe even comfier as you have more padding)

    Hope this helps even a little


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