should be happy but all i want to do is cry

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by karla1, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hello Ladies

    Well this month we have hit that big milestone of 1 year TTC I have already had bloods and internal scans done and all came back "normal" (whatever that's supposed to mean) so back of to the docs today and to my utter shock he has referred us to specialist and sent OH for sperm sample (although they think he will be fine as he already has 2 children)

    So I should be over the moon happy that they have referred us but instead I feel sick with worry

    What if they find something wrong
    What if they say they can't help
    What if they say we will never have a baby
    What if OH sperm results are really bad

    Honestly I am sat here in work and could just burst into tears

    What should I expect from my first appointment with a fertility specialist?
  2. imogenwanted

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    dont worry if there is a prob there will help you fix it huge hugs xxx
  3. Lisa1

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    Aww huni :hugs: keep your thoughts positive and think of it as a step closer to a bfp.
  4. Tarkwa

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    You're one step closer to being a mummy! That's what it means, so if you're going to cry they should be tears of happiness!
    If they find something wrong - they can start on fixing it.
    Chances are they will be able to help, that is what they are there for
    Never say never! Only very few people fall into this category (and we've all thought 'Do I?')
    IF OH's SA is bad, then they'll tell you what to do to fix it! Vitamins, smoking, drinking, hot baths, laptops on laps, tight panties :blush: etc...
    At your first appt they will send you for bloods, have a look 'down below' and maybe swab for infection, talk about what you've done, what next steps are and any other exams you need to do, look at your BMI (if applicable). Don't worry about it, they won't ask you anything you're not already expecting - just listen to what they have to say (and try not to go alone - take OH for support). Best of luck chick!

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