Small Bump..?


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May 5, 2008
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When i tell people how long i have left their response is always 'Ohh your very small though'

I'm now worried that the sonographer has got it all wrong and i'm going to be waiting for longer!!

What do you ladies think?
i dont reckon you're small hun, just neat!! you look like you were quite a skinny minny to begin with anyway!!
Not small at all :) You just look neat, as in its all bump so slim everywhere else. I wouldnt worry ive had "your small all the way through" then you get one "omg your massive?!?!" You can never win :) XxxX
I don`t think thats small. It actually looks like you`ve had a growth spurt from the last pic. :) If it was the case, your midwife would have said something.

Don`t worry. You look fab! :D
Thanks girls :D
Made me feel alot better!!
I was quite skinny before so i guess thats why im smaller!

:) xxxx
No you're not too small, just neat like everyone else has said x
O.O i do not think you're small at all. (not that you're giant either!) Just have a nice, well proportioned, neat bump :D
God I have been getting this and it pee's me off as my mind is on worry overdrive any way.I have lost weight though oddly enough.But all i get is ooo you're tiny for your 4th,You sure you got right dates?

You have a lovely tidy bump and the good thing is you should go back to being a skinny minnie fairly easily.all the best xx
Erm....that doesn't look that small to me hun:dohh:

We hate it when people say it to us but admit you've said to someone "wow that's a big/small/neat bump" or "are you sure it's not twins"

You definately dont look small! You dont look huge either, your bump is just very nice and toned.

I think some people say they look small because they are jealous, maybe theirs was huge haha. I dont know? big your bump looks has absolutely no bearing on how big baby is. I looked enormous and usually have little babies (under 6lbs). My Aunty who is about a size 8 has the teeniest bumps and hers have always been between that one out:rofl:
You have a very neat bump. It's not too small and not at all too big. I find you can't win when it comes to people talking about your bump. You're either too small, too big, too something...
You look a good size to me! Ignor other people! People have been telling me i look like im going to pop since about 28weeks.. Basically saying i was huge back then and wasnt even anywhere near due date!!! I got alot of petite friends who had babies and alot of them had no bump at all or a very very small bump, you wouldnt of guessed they were pregnant at all if you didnt know them but they had good size babies and everything was fine! Im very petite myself and everyone said 'oh you probably wont get a very big bump' ...But they were very wrong!! Everyone is different and aslong as MWs and doctors tell you your measuring right for your dates i wouldnt worry hun! x
Heyyy, your bump looks great! it's just perfect i think! i'd love my bump to be like that, i sometimes still have to point out to people that im pregnant! your bumps actually gorgeous!
:hugs: you dont look small at all, i always get that comment too. Just got to think if you were properly small then your MW would be concerned.
I dont think your bump is small at all, like the others have said its a very neat bump. I'm the other way everyone keeps asking how far on i am and when i tell them they say are your sure there is only 1 in there!!!!!

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